• Learn about the Various Views in the Political Spectrum
  • Become involved in Local Politics and Events
  • Work & Succeed together with other Local Groups

Planting the Seeds of Liberty

Local Media


Every community has a local news source, often including both radio and television sources. These local news sources can both help and hurt a political movement, by reporting public events and gatherings as they appear. When dealing with the local media, remember to be patient with them and their needs. If a group interacts with local media in a positive manner, they are more likely to portray the group or cause in a supportive light. Local media tries to balance interesting events with non-biased news reporting, and helping them with such a task and making coverage easier will build a repertoire with the news to help publicize future events and increase coverage.



Becoming involved in local politics takes more than just showing up to community events and meetings. Being well-versed in the subject matter of the cause supported will help to make the political group more meaningful and educational for any participant. Researching the causes, political views, local officials and past group histories will help keep any participant up to date on political events and how best to support the political group. When researching topics, try to balance news sources with objective general knowledge. Local news sources can be a great research source for local politicians and other groups' history. Academic sources, such as printed journals or studies give great insight on topics and current issues.



When organizing political groups and events, remember that service in the community can often be the best way to portray the group and the view point. Service in the community will generate support from local citizens and voters. People are unlikely to forget those who help to improve the community, doing activities such as cleaning local parks, volunteering at animal shelters, helping at local community events and many other service opportunities. Remember that serving in the community is an opportunity to get involved, build positive support and spend time with the political group. Find service opportunities that interest the group to make the activity fun for all participants. This will help to gather more volunteers.



If you are interested in becoming involved in local politics, try to find an issue that is already of great interest. Trying to become invested in an issue of little personal importance only makes participation boring and uneventful. Finding the right issue or issues to take part in will lend the passion, excitement and emotional investment needed to make the time and participation meaningful. Look for groups that share common hobbies or do fun events. Find a political issue that has direct effect on the community and the individual. Having a direct interest in the issue or group will bring motivation to participate more often and contribute time and effort to making the community a better place.

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